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Mystery of the number 7


Mystery of the number 7









* Number of Seas 7

The Pacific

Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean


The Red Sea

The Dead Sea

The Arabian Gulf

* Seven smoat mentioned in the Quran heavens 7

Who created seven skies of what you see in creation

The beneficent is different so I return the sight do you see from breakfast? [King: 3].

Do you know that every sky has a name and color

The name of the first world sky-a Raqi-which is of smoke,

The name of the second sky-qedom-which is on the color of copper,,

and the name of the third Heaven–the Marum–on the colour of light,

and the name of the fourth Heaven–Arlon–a silver color,

and the name of the fifth sky-Hifov–which is on the color of gold,

and the name of the sixth Heaven-a bride-a green ruby,

and the name of the seventh Heaven-akmah-a white corn,

* Number of Earth layers 7

The Almighty said in Surat al-Divorce: Allah who created seven skies and from

The earth is like them, it’s between them to learn that God is capable of everything.

And that God has surrounded everything note (12)

He recently discovered that the Earth is a seven-tiered ball:

1) gaseous pallet (Atmosphere) which is the air surrounding the earth

2) water layer (hydrosphere) which includes fresh and salty water

3) The Sial layer (Sial) and its name is derived from the first two letters

From both the Silicium

and aluminum, the two most common elements, as it is called

The name of the Earth’s crust.

4) The CYA layer (Sima) has its name derived from the first two letters of each main Mnanseriha cellulium and magnesium. As it is called

The name of the robe or cover.

5) Siah iron layer.

6) Nickel and Iron layer (Nife).

7) Central Core.







* Main metals in Earth 7





Al Manjaniz



* Science reaches 7 basic types of stars.





Poetic Yamaniah


Grand Coffin Girls

Youngest Coffin Girls

* Science also found that man consists of 7… It consists of

Corn + molecule + gene + Chromos + cell + fabric + Member

* 7 main spectrum colors, definition of 7 spectrum colors

Red color

Red Color


Orange Color

Yellow color

Yellow Color

Green color

Green Color

Blue color

Blue Color

Indigo Color

Indigo Color


Violet Color





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