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For headache and migraine treatment:

Knead the ground ginger as much as a teaspoon in the cup of olive oil and massage the place of pain with drinking ginger boiled with mint, and a grain of pond from every teaspoon as tea.

For the treatment of night blindness:

Drink a cup of carrot juice on it 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger with some times the ginger paste with honey bees on the eyes before bedtime.

Nausea and seasickness: Tablets of crushed ginger are made of crushed plant sugar and 1:1: 3 and dried in the shade, and covered with emulsification tablets when feeling dizzy or before traveling (the disc is in the size of the crown).

To strengthen the eye: a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger is washed with the eyes boiled by the fennel in the morning.

To treat hoarseness of voice and difficulty speaking: brush the larynx with ginger paste, mint and olive oil by 1:1: 3 with boiled sugar sweetened anise with a candy leaf or a sugar sucking plant.

To cleanse the larynx and trachea: the same way as the previous one with chewing parsley and drinking the infusion of chewing gum and honey.

For nervous tension: Soak the lavender blossom as much as a teaspoon in half a cup of water the evening dies for the morning, then drain and sweetens with bee honey add a quarter teaspoon of us ground ginger and drink when necessary.

For insomnia and anxiety: a cup of hot milk on it a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger with the body fat with olive oil and do not forget to read the Qur’an and mentioned God: {… Only by mentioning Allah rest assured of hearts.

For the mental state: Drink a cup of boiled milk in which a quarter teaspoon ground ginger and eaten by raisins with the love of pine as possible.

Delightful and refreshing: Drink boiled ginger with black bean and peppermint cup each inhaling jasmine or basil jade is juicy.

To strengthen the phobias and the body and to combat disease and avoid debility and lethargy: What I found to the body like ginger local honey, but eat jam with honey pistachios and Khulangan, as says David Antioch in his (memory): “It is a great secret.”

How to make the jam of the heroes: Take a kilo of bee honey and on low heat take off the foam, and then add these herbs, which is ground: 25 grams ginger – 25 grams rhubarb – 25 gb grain – 10 grams wild thyme – 25 g Ginseng – E 2 fennel.







Then cook as a dessert (jam) and take from it a spoon after each eat.

For the whites of the eye and ways: knead a ground ginger as much as 1/4 teaspoon in bee honey as much as a teaspoon.

For headaches: Ginger hits a quarter teaspoon with half a spoon of the sugar of the pond grain after boiling well in the pot of half a cup of water, then sweetens sugar with the fat place of headache with ginger oil.

For the minute: knead the ground ginger as much as a teaspoon with the charcoal ash as much as a cup and integrated the place of pain with ginger drink with mint as tea.

For the treatment of cough and sputum expulsion: taken from a ground ginger as much as 50 grams, and from the ground chewing gum 50 grams, kneaded in cane honey as much as 500 grams, and a teaspoon is taken after each eat.

To cleanse and strengthen the stomach: it is taken from ground ginger 25 grams, and from ground caraway 25 grams, from the ground thyme 25 grams, and from the ground mint 25 grams, and in kilo honey honeybees and a teaspoon of that is taken before eating.

For the nerve colon: mix a ground ginger 50 grams with a ground cumin 50 grams on a half cup of water with a teaspoon of vinegar and drink it when feeling pain.

Laxative for constipation treatment: on a cold Milk cup add a quarter teaspoon of the drink when feeling constipated.




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