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Paintings of Water images

The art of drawing on water is obviously an amazing idea and the way this art is used is amazing, but what is more surprising is that what we see from the Chinese and European art of painting on water is a tradition of Islamic art that began in the 15th century AD!!







And the state that still retains this for art is the state of Turkey… And I’ll show you better paintings than Ratmoh!!







The art of drawing on water is of the folk arts in Turkey and is known as the art of Abreu and in Turkish (Ebru Sanatı),






and the paintings of this art are known in English as marble paper marbling,






and this is because this art produces paintings resembling marble shapes,





and these paintings are placed as book covers or as writing backgrounds Arabic calligraphy.






In this art some colors are blended with chemicals and some algae and gum types






so that the color does not spread in the water and not even mixed with water!!






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