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Photo Decor Arabic seating Part 4

Decorative photo sessions on the ground helps you lose weight: sitting on the floor while eating its benefits is very large in weight loss, because your brain calms down automatically and prepares to focus on the food you eat. In addition, this helps you to take into account the amount of food you eat, then feel satiety faster and prevent overeating, because the nerve (the main nerve that transmits signals from the stomach to the brain) This nerve is better performed and transmits the signals more efficiently when you sit on me The Earth while eating.

-Helps you to relate to your family: usually sitting on the floor and eating is family activity, and it leads to tranquility and happiness – and a sense of peace among family members.

-It makes you live longer: sitting on the floor and eating makes you live longer. The European study of heart disease reported that people who sit on the ground are more likely to live longer. This is because sitting on the ground takes a great deal of flexibility and low body strength.









































































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