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Photography Sun’s selfies

These are the most important short presentation steps on how to portray the sun professionally, by employing a range of techniques and tools that allow this and the steps to be followed to portray the sun with high precision?

* Planning Planning: Any work however, without planning its results will not be perfect, so you have to plan in the right way to get the best result, find enough information about the time of sunrise and sunset so you can determine the right moment to capture the best pictures. Do not forget to reach a place to work before the moment of filming time allows you to install the tripod, set up the camera and study the proper composition of the image. For this purpose you can rely on some of the applications that do this, such as the Photo pills app, you can learn more about this app through the following link: Apply Photo pills everything the photographer needs.

* Ight Measurement light gauge: The measurement of light is an important factor in the success of any photographer to get perfect images, so you have to do this process with precision.

* Depth of field Depth of field: the depth of square is simply the number of f in your camera, choose the depth of the field high or medium, it is recommended that the depth of field in this case between F/12 to F/18.

* Shutter shutter speed: As long as it requires the use of a high field depth, something that means that the aperture of the lens is small and therefore the amount of light that enters the camera is low, so you should choose a slow speed. In order to get the perfect results, I advise you to experiment with several image compositions with different slow speeds until you reach to know the appropriate speed for photographing the sun.

* ISO sensitivity: As in all of our articles, we always recommend using small ISO values ranging from 100 to 200.

-Flash: Disable flash Please, you don’t need it in this case.

-White balance: Balance the white color in your camera, by choosing a day mode or a sunny day.

* Imaging Equipment: When you’ve finished adjusting your previous camera settings, choose the right place to properly install the tripod and camera.

* Composition Installation: Take your time to carefully install the image in order to get the perfect results, among the things that will help you to better install, use the rule of thirds, or the law of the horizon line which is based on the framing of the image either in the lower third of the image or the upper third and should not be the target in The middle of the picture never.

* Focus or Fox-focus: You’ll find it difficult to concentrate on the sun clearly if you rely on the auto focus of the camera, so it is advisable to use manual focus in this case. 






































































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