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Photos and information about the Louvre Paris

It is one of the most important art museums in the whole world and is located on the north bank of the Seine River in Paris, the capital of France. The most important museums of France, a fortress built by Philippe Auguste in 1190, to avoid disturbing surprises, attacked the city during its long periods of absence in the Crusades, and the castle took the name of the place where it was built. It is the largest museum in the world. Under the late French President Francois Mitterrand, he underwent extensive reform and expansion and the museum was divided into several parts by art and history. The total length of its halls is about 13 km and contains more than 1 million pieces of art, whether it is a painting or a statue. The museum has an impressive collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian monuments–of which there are 5664 artifacts–as well as paintings and statues dating from the 18th century A.D. the visitor enters the Louvre museum through a huge glass pyramid which opened in 1989, and the most important sections of the museum. The Grand Hall, built by Catherine de Médicis in the 17th century, contains dozens of rare paintings of painters, led by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci masterpiece.

The famous Mona Lisa painted by the year 1503 and named it Mona Lisa because it is a drawing of Amun and Isis. The La Joconde, so to see it he was telling her he didn’t finish it and he was amending it. , as well as the masterpieces of the hall paintings by Francis I of Titan Painter and to the right of the Great Hall, there is a narrow hall where some paintings of the French painter Tolutrik, whose name is associated with the moulinrouge_cafe . In another hall of the museum, a famous oil painting can be seen as the coronation plate of Napoleon’s first painter David. The museum also contains the statue of the Bailiwick, which was used in the film (The Phantom of the Louvre) and has written about this museum many interesting novels, the most important of which is the novel (Code da Vinci) leave you with some pictures of the museum
























































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