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Photos of Love coffee

How to prepare all kinds of coffee:-

1-Gulf Coffee (2 cups of coffee, light and coarse)-2 teaspoons cardamom-1/2 teaspoon saffron-2 tablespoons of water, red-liter water)

How to boil the water then add the coffee and cook three times

Leave aside for a few minutes until the bottom of the pot goes down

Place cardamom, saffron and rose water in the dila and pour over the coffee

2-Arabic Coffee

Coffee is a light place where cardamom beads are placed in some of the Bedouin and urban people, and there is dark coffee when others are usually once and never sugar and serve in a small cup its mouth wider than its base. 

3-Coffee Irons

First: Coffee Preparation

The coffee is placed on fire until the color of Bonnie is dark, and before the fire is put with the incense and the Javanese incense and a little stone of the likeness and continues to roasting a bit the fire was quenched and then milled well.

Second: The way coffee is prepared

Depending on the quantity, put a spoon of coffee, a teaspoon of milk, a quarter teaspoon of ginger and two cloves, put boiling water and leave a long time on the fire, the cardamom and put out any coffee dila .

4-Medium Turkish coffee

(Medium roasting and smooth Turkish coffee with cardamom or without taste-ingredients-2 cups of water-1 teaspoon sugar or without taste-2 teaspoons of coffee with crushed cardamom or without cardamom).

Method of Preparation

Put the water in a small kettle and add sugar and coffee, stir on a moderate heat, when the coffee boils reduce the fire and boil for a minute with the lift and return the kettle.

5-heavy Turkish coffee is a heavy, dark coffee, served in a small cup with a small dish, and the Turkish coffee cups are the most famous in its decorated, and sugar is served to different degrees.

6-Turkish Cocoa coffee

Two cups of milk pasture.

Teaspoon cocoa.

Two teaspoons Turkish coffee.

Boil and drain when served in cups and can be multiplied in the electric mixer if we want to have foam and sweetener optional when you apply.

7-American Coffee fast Melting

Americans are the ones who invented the fast-melting coffee which is the Nescafe and served in a large cup or cup.

8-Italian Coffee espresso

It is a very light and dark Italian coffee, served in a small cup with a dish similar in shape to the Turkish Cup, but usually thick and white, which is served in a large cup of coffee professionals, and professionals usually take it without dilution or sugar, while the others offer them brown sugar if they want to fear It also has some drops of almond flavor, and there is also diluted espresso where very little water is placed on it while keeping it with the same intensity.

9-Italian Coffee Cappuccino

Italian espresso consisting of one third, one third milk and one third whipped cream

It is served in large cups and the whipped cream is high on the face, sprinkled with cocoa powder or the powder of the learners and offers sugar to those who love.

10-Milk Coffee

11-French Coffee Although all the countries of the world work with different names, which is two amounts of coffee, gentlemen with three amounts of milk shake, and served in a large cup.

12- Coffee of Mocha

A superb coffee of French or Italian hand made of heavy coffee by a third and a third of unsweetened hot chocolate and one third of sparkling milk to a degree of foam output and served with a large rectangular cup.

13- Coffee Ireland

It is a heavy coffee mixed with creamy whipped cream and served with sugar.

14- Coffee of Vienna

Is a medium-tasting coffee mixed with a third of the amount of whole milk

And sprinkled on the face creamy and flanked by Cinnamon Powder and brown sugar.

15- Ice-cold coffee

The cold coffee is American and the Americans say it is Arabic, a heavy cold coffee with cold milk, sugar and pieces of ice.

(How coffee and mood)

And coffee is not enough to satisfy the satiety, and it does not drink to fill the bellies, so pour a small amount in the bottom of a cup, and see some of them pour a cup of coffee if the cup is too much, and if the coffee is late on the return of drinking and drinking it Feel dizziness and dizziness.


































































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