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Photos of my coffee, sweetie.

The skill of pouring coffee is also to make a slight sound as a result of contact with the cup, and this movement was intended to alert the guest if it was straying, or as it progressed in the joys, but in sorrows such as consolation sometimes the coffee maker should not make a sound even lighter, and the skill of drinking coffee to shake the tea The Lord of the Cup is right and left to cool the coffee and is quickly resorption it was used in Africa and Yemen in religious ceremonies, and as a result, the Ethiopian Church banned its civilian consumption until the reign of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, which was banned in the Ottoman era in Turkey in The seventeenth century for political reasons, where it has been associated with insurgent political activities in Europe, coffee is an important export commodity, and in 2004 it was the highest agricultural export for 12 countries, and in 2005 it became the seventh place for licit agricultural exports in terms of value 

Coffee Latte:-

1-Coffee is a powerful stimulant in the central nervous system especially the cerebral cortex.

2-Coffee has an alarm effect on the heart, where the beating increases slightly

3. Coffee has a mild diuretic effect

4. Coffee is a tonic for digestion.

5-The coffee is an invigorating memory that helps the intellectual and physical activity. 

6-Coffee eliminates the muscular fatigue somewhat 

Coffee Damage:-

1. Lead to permanent insomnia.

2-Change the color of the face.

3-digestive disorder. 

4-irritant to the colon.

Coffee Forms

1-The people of the south and around it, the color of coffee is light yellow.

2-The people of Yemen are in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, the color of coffee they have the brown color often.

3-We find that the people of the North are the color of coffee they have dark brown color.

4-Cities of sham coffee color dark black.

5. Turkey and its surrounding heavy black 


































































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