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Photos of the sea stars

Starfish or sea stars are the names of the range of skin types belonging to the star range, there are approximately 1,500 species of living creatures of the sea star in the seabed in all the oceans of the world, from the tropics to the arctic waters below zero, they found from the tidal zone down to the deep depths 6, 00 0 meters (20,000 feet) below the surface of the Earth.

Starfish of marine invertebrates, they usually have a central disc and five weapons, and some species have more of this, the upper surface may be mistaken mouth or smooth, granules or spiky, covered with overlapping platelets, many species with different bright colors of red or orange, others are BL Parchment, grey or brown, starfish has a tube-shaped feet, and the mouth at the center of the roof.

Many species of starfish have specialized feeding behaviors by overturning their stomachs to the outside, they have a complex life cycle, most sea stars can regenerate damaged parts or lost weapons, and they can receive arms as a means of defense.

Starfish is an evil predator of coral reefs across the region of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and the North Pacific, the Sea star is considered one of the 100 worst invasive species in the world.

The record number of the old sea star dates back to about 450 million years, the starfish tends to disintegrate after death, only the great and the backbone of the animal is likely to be preserved.

The sea stars in an attractive form played a role in literature, mythology, and folk culture, sometimes collected as antiques, used in design or logos, and in some cultures although it is possible to be toxic they are eaten.

These are examples of sea stars:-

Starfish, the royal starfish on the beach, the star of the Red Sea, the star fossil, the sea star starfish, the moments between the sea star Thorns, the party of the starfish arm showing the foot tube and the eye spot, the partial dissection of the starfish, three types of sea star larvae, re-growth of the body from one arm to a star The sea, Starfish is renewing the Lost weapons, crown of thorns, common sea star, brilliant star, fried sea star at the Beijing Food stall, starfish for sale as souvenirs in Cyprus, seagull feed on starfish, Starfish and now leave with photos :-

































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