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Pictures of children’s stories

The beautiful stories of children including ‘ Lily and The Wolf ‘, ‘ Cinderella ‘ and ‘ Snow White ‘… The stories of the classical child literature still have a beautiful sign in the same child. But there are some parents who see fairy tales that contain so much evil as the wife of August who wants to get rid of the ‘ Snow White ‘ and the wolf that eats grandma in Lily and the Wolf and the Wicked Witch that feeds Hansel to eat in the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Sometimes, when reading their children, some mothers deliberately alter some of the story’s events by thinking that they are sparing their children from fear. There are those who see stories that are outdated and do not actually relate to them, so they prefer not to acquire them in the home library. On the other hand, the child is not bored of asking his father and mother to read him the story of ‘ Lily and the wolf ‘ for example again, and every time he stops at a certain event and asks. Here, the parents ask questions about the importance that this type of story presents to the existence of contemporary stories that deal with real subjects related to the child’s daily life. The answer, according to the specialists, is that the stories of classical children’s literature are close to the imagination of the child, and there are many human meanings that concern the child regardless of age and gender, and he can find many ideas that help him overcome the difficulties he faces and grow peacefully.












































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