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Pictures of hijab wedding dresses

To all the sisters and girls and women the veil is not obligatory but it is a virtue and this is still a topic of discussion between our virtuous scientists, I do not mention this talk in defense of veiled women, and I praise God, but what I remember in our religion is the hijab and this is the obligatory and the legal dress that our religion committed us to, but the niqab is Higher than the veil to those who wanted to take it, the purpose of this topic is to call for adherence to the veil which has become a fashion in its meaning and its content and form, and an invitation to hold on to this honor and chastity that distinguishes a woman pious from others, and an invitation to confront his enemies who are jealous of Muslims to commit and want to remove the simplest rights which was committed by the Lord of Glory and blessed in his eyes, I hope that I have been able to convey my point of view on this subject.









































































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