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Pictures of mother Quotes

My mother, the most beautiful name I have ever spoken of. The mother is pure heart, the purity of the bed, fulfillment and loyalty, tenderness and kindness, amusement and compassion, and help the distressed and savior, the passion of men, and the orbit of conscience.





The mother will remain idealistic, affectionate, beautiful and compassionate, no matter how fate has landed us and the hurricane has taken us. My mother is the spring from which I derive the highest principles of my life. Mom, your touch removes fear from my skates.




The heart of the mother is a deep chasm you will always find forgiveness at its bottom. The secret mother of life and the rage and the seat of intimacy and the cause of love, the beginning of the poem and the home of singing, the source of bliss, and bright happiness.





The mother shaking the cradle with her left shakes the world on her right. My mother will drown me in your self-tenderness, and your presence is increasing the days of my joy and my delights. Good father’s top of the peaks, and the kindness of the deepest mother of the ocean.




The mother is a planet of his own, and he transcends his image and features, and the most beautiful balm in his qualities and has a beautiful view of his accents, and the same pure purity of his onions. What a child learns on my knees is never an indelible mother. Sorry Dear Mountain, my mother is the most precious. My dear mother, I find in his impulses the safety, pita smells in his tenderness.





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