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Rat Music

This is a collection of pictures taken by the artist and photographer Ellen van Dielin. Mice have the advantage of playing musical instruments. Well, maybe they don’t actually play they just pretend, surely but one can’t dream?!




In his mind they are literally playing on a miniature musical instrument, but just putting up with them-it would have been amazing. The musical Rodent photo series presents many fascinating exotic things that a person can do with a pet rat in times of boredom.

1. Clarinete ،Klinetti

The modern clarinet appeared to have originated by the maker of the Nuremberg instrument, Johann, at the time of 1690, but so he did not expect to end up being played by mice!





2 – Saxophone

Most of the instruments have evolved over many years, but the saxophone can be attributed directly to Adolf Sachs who invented it in 1800. At that time there were probably rats everywhere so she had inspired him!





3- French horn ، The French Century

The French horn is one of the oldest primitive machines and seems to be working out really hard to play music as this rat is sadly in difficulty breathing. Our claim we hope to be just a break in nature’s music.






4 – Tuba

The development of tuba began during the early 19th century. In 1820 the mice have been playing them since then. The rat in the picture really seems to know how to play!






5-Panpipes ،Piping

It may have strange origins and it is said to be of Chinese origin, and it was also the instrument that was known to Greeks. But for me it is all about Native American music that I played while overlooking the Grand Canyon.







Piano may be the best known and beloved machines of all the musical instruments that people still love to hear. The sharp tones produced by some keys are perfect for mice as they also hear in higher tones.






7 –Double bass 

Double bass, or straight bass is a fairly large tool for a little rat used to play, but somehow he does it with style and can even do a jazz spin round while no rat still plays.






This rat prefers an instrument which is a member of a family of musical instruments called Chordophones. I suppose with the rat claws he doesn’t really need exertion.





9 – Banjo

The true origins of this instrument are supposed to be Africa, and were used among slaves from USA. Then, best known in the world in the century [19].







It has been the favourite musical instrument of the European musicians since 1777 and still has the voice it represents so much with the French folk music.

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