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Relationships between parents and children

Ideas for a successful relationship with children in all areas where they increase the relationship between them in the study and games such as family day and other ideas that increase the correlation between the August, mother and children and we offer some actual ways:-









* Dear father, dear mother, it’s not a shame, dear. Father, dear mother. To share your daughter or son in their thoughts. and their hobby.. and aspirations. and their joys.. and their sorrows









* Parent and mother are required to share their thoughts and hobbies with their children

What happens in our age is between teenagers and parents. There was no educational dialogue and deviant behaviors spread

* The children are a gift from Allah, the heart is pleased to see them, the eye acknowledges them and the spirit is happy with their joy, and these data would not have been achieved if the parents did not improve the proper education which depends on the scientific, spiritual and mental approach to the management of mature family life.

* The responsibility of raising children is a secretariat placed by Allah Almighty in the hands of the parents, then the best of the Prophets the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): (all sponsors and each shepherd is responsible for his flock). It is the right of the parent to have a duty. Just like any of the rights that they are interested in entrenching and exerting effort in laying down their rules and constants.

* in our societies… Which is characterized by authentic habits in the relationship between children and parents. You find that many parents do not make use of this feature, as parents treat children with an upper view that the children are usually in the position of the convicts and subordinate to their orders and monopolistic instructions. Without caring for the personal interests of the children or even taking into account the different Sunni stages of understanding and perception, thereby less opportunities for understanding, exchange of views and the use of ideas between them.

* Parents are often criminalized in their children’s rights. When they are going to extend their constant insults to others. In the psyche of the children, a pyramid of hatreds that turn over time into a psychological disease translates into aggressive behaviors that are based on the family and society. They are the cause of their misery and their deviation from the Road Avenue.

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