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Richard the Lionheart King of England

Who is Richard the heart of the Lion King Richard the heart of the lion is one of the most important kings of England and the most famous in history, Richard knew as a seasoned military leader, he fought many battles, the most important of which was the crusade carried out by the rulers of Europe in order to restore the Holy House of Muslims, and was Richard is at the head of this campaign as a war commander who does not shove dust, and also for being the property of one of the largest ancient empires.











Birth and Genesis:-

Born in Oxford, England, on September 8, 1157, the third son of King Henry II, Richard grew up from a young age, taking up military and combat matters, which he then took to judge as a distinguished military commander.

Access to governance:-

Richard sought a lot in order to win the verdict and made many attempts for it and was the first such attempt when he and his brothers conspired to seize the verdict of his father, King Henry II, and that was in 1173 m but this attempt failed, and despite this Richard continued his attempts and did not He despaired his father’s pressure in order to make him heir to the throne of England and his French provinces, battling with his brothers also on the king, and continuing his attempts to revolt and revolt against his father again in 1188 CE, where he allied with the King of France Philip Augustus against his father, and already check him what he finally wanted His father died in 1189, leaving Richard to become king on the throne of one of the largest empires of the time, the throne of England, in 1189.

Leadership of the Crusade:-

After having settled in the hands of the two crosses for a long period of time, the Arab domination of the Holy House had a great impact on the excitement of the European kings, and the ideas for the Union began to gather together and to restore the Holy House from the hands of the Muslims, and King Richard hastened to this goal and was in the forefront of the Kings participating in the His crusade was with him in this Philip Augustus of France, and Frederick Barbarossa, Emperor of Germany.

Richard I started preparing the campaign and supplying it with all the necessary counter, which cost a lot of money, but Richard’s desire to succeed and return to England crowned with victory and the slogans of the people to be guarded from each side was to cover any costs incurred for this campaign.





Richard and the other kings of the Crusaders began to move for their purpose. The English fleet, led by Richard L. Acre, arrived in 1191, where the other kings of the Crusades joined in their armies, surrounded the walls of acre and continued to throw it, but eventually succeeded in entering it despite the steadfastness And the courage shown by the people of the city, but they were forced to hand it in the end, on the promise of the rulers of the cross to liberate the Muslim captives, but despite the promises they made, but Richard criticized all the promises and broke into the city and the armies killed the Muslim prisoners, which left behind a massacre Ugly.

After Richard achieved success in his first battle in Acre, he began to crawl towards the Holy House and on the way to this, many battles were fought with the Islamic armies, and Richard went through many negotiations with Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi, the leader of the Muslim army, but all the negotiations were the result of failure.

Head to the Sacred House:-

Richard fought many battles with the Islamic armies and succeeded in seizing many cities including Jaffa, Azure, Ramleh and others, and the battles between him and the Muslims became a circle between defeat and Victory until he approached the sacred house and the rest of the armies but he could not seize it due to the resistance of the armies And the ingenuity of its leader, in addition to the conflict that has taken place in the ranks of the two crosses, which has increased their vulnerability.

Events after the Crusade:-

After the failure of the two-man crusade led by Richard, he worked on a peace contract with the Muslims, which was known as the Ramleh Peace on September 2, 1192, which laid down the specific rules for the areas under the rule of the cross and the Muslim-controlled areas, giving Christians the freedom to pilgrimage to the Holy House whenever They wished.

After the situation in the Holy House was settled and after the restoration of the Ramleh, which Richard held with the Muslims, he went back to his country again. During this, Richard learned of his brother John’s seizure of the verdict, which made him hasten to return, and he made a trip to his country in October 1192, but he was subjected to many hardships. The first was when his ship faced severe winds, which led to his landing at the Port of Venice and the rest of his journey to England on the road, but this was not the end of the journey for Richard, where the Duke of Austria arrested him and handed him over to Henry VI, the emperor of the Romanian state, imprisoned him and was not released. Only after Richard gave a big ransom and so in 1194 CE.





The death of the King:-

Richard returned to his country again after he had unpacked a family of Henry VI, managed to regain his queen, killed the conspirators and pardoned his brother, crowned king again in 1194 CE, then settled in Normandy and then fought a number of battles again in order to save the property of England in France.

The end of the long journey to Richard’s life came when an arrow killed his life in a fight and died in April 1199.

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