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Romantic Couples, Feelings Of Love Pictures

Write on your chest.
Finally, I’m back.






Dear Beloved
Finally, write a letter
On your chest page.






You read it while you’re in my arms.
And when my fingers get tired
You will continue writing
On my chest
With all the ink from my heart
The one who came back.






In your absence..
I was forced on two sides
First to break in my fingers
The doctor took him.





Second to break in my heart
And it was your beloved presence.





Did you notice?! ..
When you walk away from me.
My left limbs are exposed to fracture.
My left foot in your first absence.
My left hand in your last absence.
Why the left even though the heart is in it?!





Is it because my heart
He doesn’t live next to me anymore?!
Or because he bleeds blood every time you leave?!






Come on, take the pen.
and write from the Blood of my heart
I loved you all the way.
I lost you.





And I’m ready again for the bleeding.
ransom Your chaste body dolls I read yesterday.
About a child complaining about her heart
You need a rare blood type.






I remembered your childhood with me.
I wish I could give her my blood.
If there were no different species, When I lost you, precious.
I forgot to take care of myself.






I stayed up long
I smoked a lot.
But I only drank your memory.
I forgot to fly.
To be a camel,
I take care of my mind, soul and body.
And today,
When I came back, I forgot all my torment.
I forgot I slept a whole month.






I forgot my skies only rained.
I forgot the pain, the fatigue, the rage.
And my Black Thoughts
I forgot you didn’t ask, and you didn’t send anything.
Until finally..
I took off the splint again when I shook hands.
And I took the whole world off when I hugged you.
And how do I remember something in my arms?


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