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Romantic Love

cheeks and jasmine, my love. What a pleasure to write to you.
And what is the most delicious writing about heaven
From Jasmine
Tell them your eyes collapsed.
On the banks of your cheeks.











Do you know what I see?
When I enter these two heavens?! ..
I wonder what I see and startled.






May the color of modesty and shyness,
and Jasmine in the color of love and hope
and varieties of flowers and jealousy,
and kinds of basil flowers and bewilderment.






I don’t know what to take from her.
If you pick Jasmine, laurel,
And if you harvest Jasmine,
And if you take the two, the banks are jealous.
And all the other items!.






Do you know how happy I am
When I enter these two heavens?! ..
I forget my happiness.






The whole world is insane
And forget about my preoccupation
That all these paradises
But it is attached to those two heavens
And her happiness in staying close to your paradise.






And you know
When I accept any Rose,
In the madness of the World
I find your scent is from it
And your whispers tempt me with more.






And I find your warm breath mixing with my breath.
And your blood is in the vein?! ..
Ah of those breaths and that aromas!.






Let me, my muse.
Living in those two heavens.
The fun is in them.
And I eat their fruits
Whatever I want and you want.
My current Love
In the rivers of those two heavens.








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