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Sad Love Story

Do not believe in the beginnings, we have only a first step for people to say goodbye.

Who let us leave behind a waterfall of tears kills us with every point of it.








Farewell words with her all the tragedies of mankind on earth, all their pain, pains and wounds, are the hardest thing that can happen to man.









The greatest signs of power are to remain smiling and in your eyes a thousand tears.

I may look strong, stolid, unkind as a mountain deep in the Earth,








But inside me is a torn heart for a thousand pieces of Valentines parting.

The most painful ones that leave traces in our hearts can never be erased.







My soul went with him on the day he died, and he doesn’t know!!!

I am only silent because my wounds from the parting of lovers are greater than all the tears in human eyes.








The world is as cold as Canon nights, sad as the ends of love stories in our country,

Dark as a dark blunt the moon forgot to be seen in.







Your parting with me infused it into my heart as a stinging dagger.

After you have died, my heart blossoms have been transformed into autumn leaves falling every time a breath of transient air has passed.























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