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Sad Sayings and Quotes

Separation and farewell without return

Without warning, they left us after they had everything in us, so we became forgotten and our hearts beat by their presence with us.












The hardest thing that can be in this life is to leave the ones you love without saying goodbye, and not knowing when to go.






The harshest word known in history is the word farewell,

Where there is no return, no hope, no love, no life after.






Don’t wait for anyone, it’s your difference.

Loneliness does not mean to stay alone, it means to say goodbye to lovers and you do not know whether they return or not.






No survival in this life except for death and Separation .

I live in hopes for you, perhaps fate misses one day and brings us one day in an unintentional way.

Life dies in our hearts when we lose the ability to love with the Separation of those we love.






Our Separation was uglier than all the ends of the love stories I read.

Where did you get away from me when you were closer to my heart than a vein?

He lost the weird sweethearts.






My deepest wound is to miss you, and I can’t see you or hear your voice, and adore you, and you’re not mine.

You will stay in my heart and I will remain wandering with your love, no matter how long the days have gone and we have separated distances.






I miss my eyes.

Farewell Valentines lump remain stuck to the heart of longevity.

If we were to separate time and keep us away from each other, the memories we had alive would not die.






When we leave love it is very difficult to return it as it was.

Who loves you will stay with you if there is a thousand reasons for your separation

And who pretends to love will turn his back on the first reason.

My soul has been separated by your separation dear

The Soul is your soul, and the heart lives on your memory.






Don’t remind me of your love, Angel, do not remind me of your beautiful past, that after your course of my life, impossible I love others impossible

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