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Sculpture is one of the most distinctive signs of ancient Egyptian art, and the statue has a fundamental function in the cemetery through the spiritual, which is to enable the spirit to recognize the features of the deceased person, so do not miss in the hereafter.






The art of sculpture flourished in the old, central and modern State, and produced a number of statues of different kinds. Egyptians used the size of the statue to express social status.





The size of the pharaoh’s statue was more than normal and sometimes weighs several tons. The TMATHILALKTBH and the court staff were almost normal in size.





The statues of the servants and workers were, despite their high accuracy, smaller in size; usually not more than 50 cm in height.







Those statues have shown the servant in different working modes. This is in addition to the very small statues of the Shohabas, which are only a few centimeters high.






This is called for by its owner, in the hereafter, to perform the difficult work that must be done. There were 365 of these small statues, i.e., the number of days of the year.






And this number is not obligatory, it can reach more than 400 Auschwitz as it was in the tomb of Tutankhamun
































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