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Secrets of Easter Island

The secluded island of Easter contains hundreds of similar exotic statues and statues, a specific human model, some with a round cap around the head weighing 10 tons, each statue representing the head and torso only, sometimes arms and no legs, and these statues were made of volcanic ash after the pressure and then Y A few and settle it each statue weighs 50 tons and each length is exactly 32 meters and the scientists have not yet been able to interpret the mystery of these similar statues scattered everywhere on the island, especially on its coasts, and the island was discovered by accident in 1722 CE when the Dutch explorer (Jakob Roggeveen) was found south East Atlantic. When it was found, it was on the day of Easter or resurrection, so it was dubbed the Feast itself, so it was called the Easter Island or the island of Resurrection. In 1914, the island visited a British research team followed by a French research team in 1934 and the search results showed The island was full of inhabitants of an unspecified population of the last stone Age, about 4500 years BC, and that in the first century A.D. they made small statues of human size and then centuries later they could make these huge statues and the history shows the carbon containing radioactive materials That a terrible disaster hit the island in 1680 CE and stopped work in the statues suddenly and everyone left the island or disappeared completely and then came after other people from the French Islands (Marquise), which is five thousand kilometers to settle in the northwest of Easter Island and now their current residents as they were firing These statues have the name “Moai Statues (Dakkak)” and sometimes put in the eye cavity of some statues what looks like a scary eye the question is: If the ancients were the ones who made these very similar statues, where do they have this special form to form this distinctive face?! None of the ancient civilizations or even the islanders of the Atlantic Ocean possesses those sharp features, long rectangular nose, thin lips, deep eyes and narrow forehead, all characteristics and features that do not exist in or near the region, and how these Ancients managed to move Thousands of kilometers amid the horrors of the Atlantic Ocean, the world’s largest ocean?! And for what reason have these huge statues been erected in that similar and distinctive form along the shore?!













































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