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Separation and Silence

After you leave And this is my self wipe my tears to replace it with new tears and crying sorrows and greater sadness since you left and I am not moving I have not yet come to the shock of your death






and your departure from life, my love. I don’t want to grieve and you’re there. I did not know the taste of happiness except with you I never knew that this is the deprivation so






it is misery this is darkness until after you leave ،My tongue is gone, honey, since you left, and we’ll still cry on you, and the tears will continue to pass me every time






I remember you and your pictures and positions with me. I know you’d like me not to cry for your parting and not to grieve, but I am losing my heart with love to you.






Maybe a person you like to give you not to be bored you didn’t have to complain about giving me the last minute.





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