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Separation quotes

My words were repeated again to be written on the pages of despair to proclaim the birth of a new life after parting, and I have a feeling of strangeness today, always go to my papers to hold on the ropes of optimism,







always come to me to say my worries to her I hug her and cry with my words, but today I don’t know why I have the mood of writing I only have the emptiness I have moments of happiness to live from the memory of your distant words and then return to your life there, embracing life and I live on its nectar.






You accept life and I live on her whispers… Forgive me my love my way of life is the one who turns my happiness into sorrow. You forget how happy I am?




What I have swept the world with sadness and silence!! I really became surprised by my pen it prevents me from writing words of happiness even on paper of silence. Why doesn’t he help me write you a poem and I’m smiling at you, because I know you won’t hear it?







How did he break into your world now? My world is a silent world, a sad world that doesn’t know the meaning of a smile that is one of the lifeline we stick to, and I still wonder why we hide our pains behind a smile? It has become the escape point of the unfair fate questions.






A beam of light hides a deadly darkness. She became the other as much as I used to.. I used to see him daily there above the sad hearts and over the weeping eyes… Come back to you my love how happy I am that you found







an alternative to me share your happiness and take the pain away from your back and how proud of you now is that you are slit the path of thorns with steady feet. And now that I’m quitting life after you, I go back to the grief room there to the leaves of despair here






I come back and I have tears and my body became a spring of inexhaustible sorrows. I became drops of tears so my words are tears. and dancing tears. And my pen is tears.






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