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Story of the Hour please

Story of the Hour please









The child entered the work-weary father, from morning to evening as he pursued his projects and businesses,









He has no time to stay at home except to eat or sleep.

Baby/Why, Dad, you no longer play with me and tell me a story, I miss your stories and play with you.

So how about you play with me today a little bit and tell me a story?

Dad/My son I no longer have time to play and waste time, I have a lot of business and my time is precious.

Baby/Just give me an hour of your time, I miss you, Dad.

My father, my beloved son, I work and strive for you, and the hour that you want me to spend with you.

I can earn at least 100 pounds, I don’t have time to waste it with you, go ahead and play with your mother.

The days go on and the father becomes more busy and one day the child sees the door of the office open and enters his father.

Baby, give me five pounds.

Father/Why? I give you every day a five-pound recess.

… I’m not giving you anything.

The son goes sad, and his father sits down thinking about what he did with his son, and he admits to going to his room to make him.

And give him the five pounds.

The child rejoiced in these fairies great joy, where he went to his bed and lifted his pillow, and collect the money underneath, and began to arrange it!

Then the father wondered in astonishment, saying:

How do you ask me and you have all this money?

The Kid/I was collecting what you gave me for the break, and only five pounds left to complete the hundred.

Now, Dad, take this 100 pounds and give me an hour of your time.?????????




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