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Tears and crying

Tears and crying











Tears are secretions that cleanse and soften the eye and tear tears as a result of strong emotional emotions, whether they are sad emotions or joyful outbursts, such as: Sadness, fear, horror, laughter, happiness, and also tears from the eye as a result of concrete actions such as pain, yawning, allergies and more Emotional stunts that lead to crying and tears are grief, sorrow, loss of love, anger, happiness, fear, frustration, laughter, remorse and guilt, all of which may lead to tears.

The crying that happens because of grief and bad mood leads to depression and a depressed human being quickly shed tears when a doctor or relatives start talking to him.

It is noteworthy that in civilizations and cultures crying is a characteristic of the recipes of children and women. Some cultures are like crying that it is a childish and inappropriate characteristic for adults and for you a person in the event that he cries openly, especially if he cries from men except in the case of one exception, the illness of a relative or the death of a loved one) and the research of psychologists that they believe that crying is a useful phenomenon for mental health, Should not be prevented when needed (whether in men or in women)





* The types of tears are divided according to the feelings and emotions of the human being:-

1-Great tears and tears


2-Tears and tears


3-Tears and tears


4-Tears in Thin tears


5-Beautiful tears and tears


6-Sad tears and tears


7-Happy Tears and tears


8-Tears and tears


9-Expressive tears and tears


10-Tears of deception and tears


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