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Tears of a Heart

How strange is this life…..

It’s like the tears of everyone…..

Bring people closer and sometimes…

And make hearts because of it get lost…

Like she wants you standing there…






Whenever you want to walk you can’t…..

She sees her days stealing you…

Like you have put in a fast train…

But how long will you do this….






How long will you use that mean method?

How far will you stay….

This heinous crime is being committed against us….






Hey, life, listen to me.

I am not just a listener….

You feel like my mother….

I’m your baby…..






I will not walk you again….

I will not be for your obedient orders….

I will live as I want….

I will do what I love and waste what is wasted…..






I stopped my heartbeat with my own hands

I tried

My heart no longer beats love tomorrow.

Why is it ringing?

Who beats?






As long as you decide to love

As long as you decide not to like

My heart was beating you.

So I filled him with his complaints that he wished to be touched

I fooled him.

And over the years, I’ve failed him.

Because you decided it wasn’t love.

Because you decided you wouldn’t like

My heart must be beating.






And…. Beats

My heart patience is long

You may love it.

But I’m sure my heart is now that you won’t like

And he will never knock for others.






If you won’t like

There’s no need for love.

Because you’re the one I love.

My heart stopped beating and my heart continued to ring

But he doesn’t knock.

Not even beats you






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