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Teenage education for boys and girls

Here we present to you in this very important topic ways of raising girls and boys in adolescence and how to deal with adolescence and to build a relationship with teenagers and to communicate with them so that they can be protected and overcome their problems depending on both the mother and the parent but who we focus on more is the relationship of the father to his daughter or to His son because the mother of course is always close to them but the father of his business and his preoccupation he may not be able to get close to them so here we try to help the father to pass this dangerous stage in raising the children and start:-tips to every parent try to have your son as a companion and for your daughter friend.. And not the condescending father. This will also make your children and daughters see you in the form of example. No.. Coercion.






* Remember my dear father… The one who builds the rules. Not like the one who builds walls. You are the one who lays down and deepens the bases of your children. And let the days with their deep experiences of adopting the right basis in his personality






* You must be a leader and a teacher to try to protect boys and girls from falling into the destructive and negative thoughts surrounding teenage teens, adolescence is a problem that is apparent on the behavior of boys and girls when they reach the age of majority, given the adolescents Physical and psychological changes, in this critical period in which they are passing, many parents are unable to deal positively with them, as adolescents at this stage need parents to change the quality of their treatment, because what happens in this period is beyond the ability of teenagers to evaluate their actions, in this pain A journey that needs guidance, guidance and constant awareness, not shouting and threatening and insulting, and that education in our time requires us to exert more effort and follow-up and guidance, because continuous positive dialogue would support the constructive relationship and build it and establish its intellectual and emotional bases one day After another it also helps to approximate the distance between them by respecting the father’s son and treating him as a man and respecting his daughter and treating her as a woman. and courtship and good listening to them, and the simplicity of talking to them, and does not prevent the father to tell his deep experiences in life in order to build dialogue with the daughter or son, which makes the father, son and daughter to explain to each other, and the boy or the girl can ask their opinion on their father, and their idea can question, a and advice, or to encourage his children to write a topic of the purposeful topics that the generation of this age loves, and expose them to their father to read and express their opinion, and gradually the father will find that his children have grown up and become sane and responsible and reliable and listen to their opinion. Also, the children will be shown that their father is their mainstay and their support in this life after God. All that Hugh said is only a foundation built by the father in order to build the bridges of affection and reduce the distance between him and his children one day after another.

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