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the sad kingdom

Ever since your past, I have become a prince in the Kingdom of Sorrows.

Teach me how to come back to life after your goodbyes, and I have called Life by your Farewell to me,

I took a vow not to return to her to bring back your heart beating inside me.












The city closed its doors after you, and its inhabitants slept,

And its streets are free of lovers, your existence has been a life for her and for the cities inside my heart.







I can’t see anything with my eyes after you. She’s not looking at you.

After and your goodbyes share the grief and pain of my heart having been the whole king of you.






When I was next to me, I didn’t know the meaning of the question, and after I was dead, I knew that life was impossible after you.







I have known the feeling of goodbyes its not really the irony of people only the harder separation is that you leave a human that is part of your soul although it is around you to leave people with your will







Oh on the distances that are after people who are beloved of you country or distances of minds and hearts that are after people that you love







Separation I was able to erase it from my life everything that I loved got different and made me miss what I say so i cant find words except as the Arabs feel the hardest is parting next to the lovers







And what is the greatest wound from a heart that I used to say the Arabs are old and fresher the poetry is really lying believe me and don’t lie and the hardest is love












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