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Valentine’s Day Lovers

I adore your charming conversation, my love.
I like your wonderful speech and your charming eloquence.
I like your beautiful views.






The beauty of roses and birds and spring
I like your colored words with your lips painted.
I like your dreamy whispers.






The two of us who travel behind the clouds.
I like your warm tones.
That melts the ice.






How great you are, lass.
This description is not enough
And it doesn’t express my feelings.






You’re more than wonderful,
You’re the most amazing in this existence.
No.. You’re the same beauty, baby.






And your eloquence is a piece of glamorous charm.
I’m on the night I hear you.






Beautiful Bright
Full of dad and tenderness,
Or so seems to me from the effect of your glamorous charm.
And wait so eager for that tender evening.






You are my dream and my ultimate hope.
You have the beauty of the soul and the culture of the era
Embroidered with pearls of authentic heritage,
And you can mature, feminine thinking.






and a delicate sensation
Emotional responsibility I’m impressed with your undercover character.
In the near distant planet Robe.
And in the most wonderful and sweetly sound
From the water of the Nile and the Euphrates.






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