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Wallpapers beautiful Rocks

The stages of formation of sedimentary rocks distinguish three stages of formation of sedimentary rocks:
1. Stage of emergence of the primary article
2. Transport and deposition phase

The stage of the rock starch:-
* The initial material forming the sedimentary rocks arises from the various weathering and erosion processes.
Weathering is a group of geological processes (physical, chemical, organic) primarily carried out on the surface of the earth and leads to the change of the overall characteristics of rocks and metals with the effect of the efficacy of the gas, water and bio.
* Weathering is divided into two main types:
1-Physical weathering: it leads to fragmentation of the rocks into parts without altering their chemical composition, and is effected by the effect of thermal changes, glaciation, and the growth of crystals in the rock spaces.
2-Chemical weathering: It is the most influential in the chemical, it is a change from its chemistry, and the most important factors of chemical weathering are water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. of chemical weathering processes of decomposition, hydrolysis, oxidation and return.
* The operations of the rocks are largely destroyed, and chemical weathering converts deep-rooted metals with complex composition into stationary metals in the surface conditions of the earth and simple chemical composition.
* During this time, large amounts of dissolved elements are released and transported by water to the sedimentation ponds in the form of groats or ordinary solutions.


































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