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Words to all the girls

To each girl write what she got from the experiences of many women of various nationalities and different in social and economic conditions but what resulted from the girls experiences in answering the questions that concerns girls in terms of their secrets and life so we found most of the answers and the talk was very similar among them and focused on This is a subject that we will present to you, and I ask you to read my letters with all focus and understand their purpose well, because I love you for goodness as I love it for myself :-
















* Make sure yourself and be careful about your dealings in front of this screen and its vast world

Here is my precious words… ♫

* Do not believe,,, from behind this screen is not all with silky smooth texture.

Not everyone wearing blind black glasses.

* Do not believe,,, sweet talk because you know the desired and the goal.??

* Don’t believe,,, every smile the wolf is looking for the Dove

Don’t believe,,, who said I want to get married, he broke the glass.

* Do not believe,,, the owner of the need he looks at you naively..!!

* Be,,, a girl from the Awakening, and don’t be a girl looking for a freak..!!

* be,,, wary of forums, messenger messages, and chat.

* Being,,, preserve itself is characterized by chastity and purity…

* My dear friend…

Do not move on any step as soon as passion, love and affection

From the pleasures of the forbidden relationship, he is deprived of the perfection of the right relationship.

And ponder all your behaviors and consequences. ،؛

Your heart, your family, your reputation, your show, and yourself ♫





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